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How To Obtain Discounts On AA Tickets

Passengers on airline trips often feel that it is quite an experience. However in today’s high priced ticketing environment, it has become very important to seek out the best price available. There are many ways to recieve discounts on
airline tickets, and those also can easily be applied to flights at American Airlines. There are several quick and easy ways to obtain discounts on tickets on American Airlines.

1)Purchasing tickets in advance:
If you can purchase tickets in advance, American Airlines offers significant discounts for tickets purchased at least two weeks prior to departure date.

2) There are a myriad of resource websites available for ticket purchasing and travel in general. There are also many coupon websites offering current steep discounts. One of these websites is These types of websites are a very quick and efficient way to located discounts and deals currently being offered on travel by many airlines including American Airlines. Coupon Cabin has a special section specifically devoted to American Airlines. This is common among such sites, since American is such a large and popular airline.

3) Call the airline directly, at one of their numbers published here on their reservations website.

4) Be flexible in your times:
Be sure to inform the AA agent on the phone of certain details of your trip which might earn you a discount. Some of these details might be that you do not mind travelling late at night. Flights at this late time often have significant discounted prices due to the late time, and these flights being less likely to be in demand. Tuesdays , Wednesdays, and Saturdays are some of the least popular flying days of the week. Thus these days are more likely to have a cheaper ticket price than other days of the week.

Make sure to ask the agent if there are discounts available for certain seasons of the year, or if there are discounts available for traditionally low ridership days. These can include Christmas day, or sometimes even certain days of the week are discounted. Friday the 13th may be a day when many superstitious people are afraid to fly.

5) Make sure to ask the agent if this is the cheapest fare available for this flight and also be sure to ask the agent if there are other options available. Also make sure to ask the agent if there is a possibility you can fly standby.

6) Purchase tickets through consolidators. Consolidators are companies who purchase blocks of tickets in bulk from the airlines at substantial discounts. Sometimes these consolidators have significant discounts available compared to purchasing tickets from another source. It just depends on the date of the flight and the month of the year.

7)Stay with the same airline during the entire duration of your trip. Switching airlines may seem advantageous at first glance , but it can often add costs and headaches especially if one leg of the trip is cancelled. It is much better to consolidate all your travel into one airline. It will save money in the end

8) American airlines promotion Code program: This is the frequent flier plan for American Airlines. Frequent flying passengers routinely join this program , and it is one of the most popular among frequent flier programs among all airlines. You may check out the website directly here.

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American Airlines also has paired with Jetblue Airlines in a joint frequent flier miles arrangement that is quickly gaining in popularity. This agreement, is called a reciprocal frequent flier agreement. It allows members of AAAdvantage and also Trueblue (JetBlue’s FF program) to earn frequent flier credit that can be exchanged on either airline in certain markets. This program also allows for more smooth transition between American or JetBlue at connecting airports. It is a win-win agreement for both airlines, and also for their passengers.

There are many ways to receive American Airlines promotion Codes . Whether the passenger is calling an agent directly, logging into AA website, or searching other websites online, many options are available. As long as the passenger makes sure to keep as current as possible on methods to attain discounts, and spends the required time, he will be assured of a substantial discount on tickets any time he wants to fly on American Airlines.

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